Re: gnome-system-tools / setup-tools-backend and st

<quote who="Carlos Garnacho">

> > Yeah. To clarify, this is just pulled into g-s-t via a CVS module
> > include, right? ie. no one needs tarballs of it, etc? Perhaps we should
> > change that?
> yes, the backends/ directory in the g-s-t module is a link to setup-
> tools-backends, I planned to finally propose the backends to fd.o and make
> g-s-t depend on this after the 2.8 (and gst 1.0) timeframe :), should this
> be done before?

Your call. :-) My first thought is that a split may make contributing easier
for both modules, but I'm not really sure. Maybe it makes more sense to get
a kickarse 1.0 out first, though. :-)

- Jeff

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