Re: Extent of localisation customisation (was Re: Preferences, System Tools)

> Whatever GNOME does wouldn't be done on system-level,
so there would
> be a lot of inconsistent messages.  So, some programs
might still
> produce locale-based date-format if it's using
strftime instead of
> "g_strftime".
So what? Probably these are bugs which should be fixed?

> Imagine some European in US adjusting his date format
from mm-dd-yyyy
> to dd-mm-yyyy, and one app outputting 07-06-2004 and
other 06-07-2004:
> so, what date are we talking about in what case?
I hate this situation - I seen it in MSWin and it is
really irritating.

> Realistic goal seems to be to aim for a single
platform: i.e. we
> could base ourselves on all the locales provided by
GNU libc.  If
> there's a strong need for a variant locale, then we
create a new one
> and try to add it to GNU libc (it's trivial to make
such simple
> changes, but it's not trivial to add new locales to
GNU libc, and we
> don't want to add thousands there, just ocassional,
really needed
> ones).
OK. No problem for me here. Let's stick with the
locales from glibc.

> gnome-control-center/capplets/localization module,
and try that out.
> I know some of you know about it, but many here might
It is definitely worth trying. And I would be VERY
interested in the discussion here about moving keyboard
layout settings from g-k-p to this new capplet. My
dream is to make it my 2.8.



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