Re: Vino: proposal for inclusion in GNOME 2.8

On Tue, 2004-07-13 at 14:21, Luis Villa wrote:
> On Tue, 2004-07-13 at 06:29 +0100, Mark McLoughlin wrote:
> > On Mon, 2004-07-12 at 21:03, Luis Villa wrote:
> > > On Tue, 2004-07-13 at 05:51 +1000, Jeff Waugh wrote:
> > > > <quote who="Luis Villa">
> > > > 
> > > > > On Mon, 2004-07-12 at 20:40 +0100, Mark McLoughlin wrote:
> > > > > > perhaps its useful to get this in 2.8.
> > > > > 
> > > > > why?
> > > > 
> > > > It's bloody useful, even the way it is at the moment. Plus, wider testing,
> > > > and ability to compete in the feature paralysis review stakes.
> > > 
> > > But given that (as far as I can see) there is basically no gnome
> > > integration at the moment
> > 
> > 	I must have a different definition of GNOME integration than you ...
> > how does Vino have "basically no gnome integration"?
> >From my reading of your own description, most of the cool, tie-in-with-
> other-bits stuff (gdm, for example) would be in the 2.10 timeframe.

	Don't get too side tracked by the gdm type stuff I've been prototyping.
Have a look at KDE's krfb and you'll see its very similar to Vino - yes,
Vino doesn't have some of krfb's minor collaboration focused features.

>  I mean, we don't even have a VNC viewer

	People seem to be happy using vncviewer once there's a gtk dialog to
launch it (i.e. tsclient). Maybe I should just write a simple vncviewer
launcher dialog?

> - how is this different from
> proposing, say, a jabber server with a gtk configuration tool? Or hell,
> X+redhat-config-xfree86? Both of those things are useful servers, sure,
> but it's not clear why they would belong in gnome, other than 'useful,
> and has a gtk interface at some point.'

	The server itself is a GTK+ program. It needs to be in order to pop up
the "someone is trying to connect" dialog and, in future, for the status
icon and whatever. The server itself is configured with GConf. Its a
per-user server that gets activated by gnome-session based on whether
the user wants to allow others users to connect.

	Take a look at RealVNC's "x0vncserver" and similar other screen scraper
VNC servers and try to figure out how to actually make it useful to
GNOME users and you'll see that all these things need to be done and
that it belongs in the desktop itself. I'm not sure how else I can
explain it ...

> [As a side note, 'getting wider testing' is not a reason to get into the
> desktop release- you should get wide testing /before/ getting into the
> desktop release, so that we make sure that the desktop remains at a high
> level of quality.]

	I neither said that was a reason for including it, nor think it would
be a good reason for including anything.


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