Vino: proposal for inclusion in GNOME 2.8

	Vino is a VNC server for GNOME - it allows someone to remotely connect
to your desktop session using the RFB protocol. More details on the
original goals of the project are here:

	To get an idea where Vino *may* be headed in time, read:

	I had originally planned not to propose Vino for inclusion to GNOME 2.8
until I had a clear idea where Vino was going with things like terminal
services, security and authentication but perhaps its useful to get this
in 2.8.

	To try out Vino, download it from here:

	and build it. Alternatively, just build it with jhbuild (i.e. jhbuild
buildone vino). Vino has an optional dependency on GNU TLS, but appart
from that only requires libgnomeui, gtk+, libglade, GConf etc.

	Some points to note:

  * You need to start the Vino daemon manually for now. You can add 
    vino-session to your session and it will activate the daemon based 
    on whether the "Allow other users to view your desktop" preference 
    is enabled. Alternatively, just start the daemon by running 

    If Vino is included in 2.8, I'll be adding a patch to gnome-session 
    to handle activating it. At some point we'll have a session manager 
    that won't require patches like this, though :-)

  * To connect to your session from another machine just run 
    "vncviewer mymachine" or maybe use tsclient to run vncviewer for 

  * If built with GNU TLS, support for encrypting the RFB protocol 
    stream will be built. However, there isn't widespread support in VNC
    clients for this yet so you could either try and patch[1] vncviewer 
    from RealVNC 4 or use the Java client in the vino tarball (to do 
    that point a browser with the Java plugin at http://mymachine:5800)

    Another point worth noting about the SSL support is that (for now) 
    it uses anonymous diffie hellman key exchange which still leaves you
    vulnerable to man in the middle attacks. Using the SSL support you 
    are only making it more difficult for someone to snoop your session.
    On an untrusted network, I'd recommend using an SSH tunnel rather 
    than the SSL support in Vino.


[1] -

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