Re: Vino: proposal for inclusion in GNOME 2.8

W liście z wto, 13-07-2004, godz. 15:21, Luis Villa pisze: 
> >From my reading of your own description, most of the cool, tie-in-with-
> other-bits stuff (gdm, for example) would be in the 2.10 timeframe. I
> mean, we don't even have a VNC viewer- how is this different from
> proposing, say, a jabber server with a gtk configuration tool? Or hell,
> X+redhat-config-xfree86? Both of those things are useful servers, sure,
> but it's not clear why they would belong in gnome, other than 'useful,
> and has a gtk interface at some point.'

No. Just as "personal web sharing" tools everyone's excited about, Vino
is "personal destop sharing" tool. It lets user easily set things up so
that he can show his desktop to others. Being a server is purely
technical detail, and uninteresting to user, as opposed to, say, jabber
server, which by nature serves many users and its being a server is main


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