Re: Gnome Print

Sean Middleditch wrote:
ya; i guess they changed names to libgnomeprint when gnome2 came out.

not sure what you mean by this.  any app using libgnomeprint should show
a list of configured printers.  gnome-cups-manager lets you manage

That's one point: they must be written thinking about libgnomeprint... and it's not so good. Think about acrobat reader... think about openoffice...

The other point is about a ``general view'': it should embed cups and lp, so noone will know if it's a cups printer or a lp one... moreover, it can replace both, or better, replace lp with itself :) try to use as a printer ``kprinter''... that's a good start!

yes, this indeed sucks.  i would love to see more proliferation of
zeroconf, slp, and other technologies in the desktop, especially when it
comes to printing and remote volumes...

Yes! gnome-vfs should implement the fish protocol (ssh), more ease for the common user! ;)

if you write up a list of specific requirements and needs, it would
greatly assist the developers in making future versions workable.  it's
like that many of the libgnomeprint developers don't know what is needed
outside of their personal experience.  of course, they could also use
help coding, I'm sure...;-)

Good to know! I'll write some specifications...

Sensei <> <icq:241572242> <>

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