Re: Extending the Gnome search capabilities to be able to search in OOo files

Hi David!

I have extended the search capabilities of gnome-search-tool by
wrapping it in a script which
1. adds a directory to PATH that contains a "grep" script that
  converts openoffice (and word) documents to text before running
  /bin/grep on it and then
2. runs /usr/bin/gnome-search-tool

Of course this is a horrible hack and very slow, but seems to be
reliable, and I keep telling myself that there's no point doing
anything fancier (like hacking gnome-search-tool to use an indexer
like htdig or namazu) since medusa is on its way.
I can put the
scripts on the web, if you think you might use them Tino.

Yes please do so. At least I'd like to have a look on it.

Kind Regards,

- Tino Rachui
- Software Engineer
- Base Technology
- Sun Microsystems GmbH
- tino rachui sun com

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