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Many moons ago, well no that many, it was suggested that the Actions/Logout option allow the user to shutdown without a password. I foolishly disagreed on security grounds. I was reminded that the system admin could disable the feature if necessary. I was further reminded that the PC in question probably had a power cord attached and it could be used as an alternate if a user wanted to really shut it down.

I realized the err in my ways, if the feature is not desired, turn it off, but that for many it would be convienient.

I had just upgraded to 2.4 at the time. I was so impressed that I also installed it on my brother's laptop. That installation, on his laptop, included the feature. When selecting Actions/Logout a dialog prompts if you want to shut the computer down or simply logout.

I haven't seen that on any other upgrade for my install since. Is it still included? Is there an option I must turn on to enable it?

Obviously, I came to fully agree with the idea....


Tom Lamm

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