Re: [Fwd: [PATCH] gnome-keyring: s/availible/available/]

<quote who="Alexander Larsson">

> As mentioned below, there seems to be a spelling error in the gnome-
> keyring public API, but we're past the API freeze. What should we do about
> this?

*Technically*, gnome-keyring is a Desktop module, so it is fine as long as
you make a best effort to keep everything working. API freeze is mandatory
for Platform modules, advisory for Desktop modules (ie. in spirit, t would
make the most sense if Desktop library module maintainers froze too).

Given that this is a new module, there are not too many users, it's a simple
change and you pull the strings in all of those modules anyway... I give my
one-of-two release team confirms for this.


- Jeff

-- 2004: Adelaide, Australia
    "Not to mention that there's simply no way to explain what a 'window
   manager' is without descending into 'PC Load Letter?!' technobabble."
                             - Havoc Pennington

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