Re: module inclusion proposals

<quote who="Andreas J. Guelzow">

> > It came in loooooong after the proposal due date, and was not supported
> > very strongly (including the maintainer citing that it would make more
> > sense in Fifth Toe or Office). It is simply not an appropriate module
> > for the Desktop release.
> If glabels is not appropriate for the desktop release, why would evolution
> or monkey-bubble be appropriate? 

We have a select few games in the Desktop release already, I'm sure some
people would like to see some variation or new games included.

A mail client and/or groupware tool is incredibly attractive as an
integrated part of the Desktop, particularly the underlying integration
libraries (evolution-data-server). It is hard to argue that a mail client
would not be relevant to an exceedingly large proportion of computer users
today, and deep integration of contacts and calendaring information will be
hugely advantageous to our desktop offering.

glabels is an excellent utility, and fits very closely with the GNOME Office
release goals (as the author has noted). It doesn't necessarily play a part
on every person's desktop (the "Greatest Common Factor" point), so it would
be better for us, from a release engineering point of view, to align it with
a more relevant release category (which includes goals, schedules, shared
standards and libraries, etc).

Remember: The Desktop release is not the be-all and end-all of GNOME!

- Jeff

GVADEC 2004: Kristiansand, Norway          
   "(Hint: IRC clients don't usually do DVD and VCD playback)." - Bastien

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