GNOME Development Release 2.5.2: "You want me to blow on your toes?"

GNOME Development Release 2.5.2: "You want me to blow on your toes?"

The latest GNOME Development Release is ready for your bug-busting and
testing pleasure! It is available for immediate download on
and mirrors:

  tar.gz:   161M total
  tar.bz2:  118M total


This release is a snapshot of development code. Although it is buildable and
usable, it is primarily intended for testing and hacking purposes. Like the
Linux kernel, GNOME uses odd minor version numbers to indicate development
status. Please check the 2.5 start page for more information:

Proposed Modules

A number of new software modules have been PROPOSED for inclusion in the
next major GNOME release. You can find a list of these modules on the 2.5
modules list page:

Build Requirements

  - The tarballs included in the release. :-)

  - Some very basic packages not distributed with this release, such as
    image libraries, popt, and the libraries collection.
    These should all be included with or available for your distribution.

  - Docbook DTD 4.1.2, Docbook XSL stylesheets and a valid system catalogue
    file for scrollkeeper (which in turn is required by many desktop
    components for documentation).

Happy testing!

- The GNOME Release Team

Come to 2004!
    "Not to mention that there's simply no way to explain what a 'window
   manager' is without descending into 'PC Load Letter?!' technobabble."
                             - Havoc Pennington

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