Re: Modules that need some intltoolize love...

Brian Cameron wrote:


Hrm, am I the only one that thinks this solution really sucks balls? Is
there not a cleverer way of doing all of this [this applies to the rest
of the intltool stuff, as well as omf stuff].

At least some of the nastyness mentioned in the above steps should no
longer be necessary since the module is no longer used in
intltool.  A better way of specifying handlers for the Tree style is
now being used in intltool-merge.

This should hopefully make using intltool >= 0.28 easier.  The changes
just went into CVS head today, so you should only need to upgrade.

It's a bit annoying to see intltool changing fundamentally multiple times recently, without a crystal-clear announcement of the changes. I assume that if modules, which put the EXTRA_DIST stuff into their already, will break now at packaging time, since the isn't found anymore. Please correct me if I am wrong.

Neverthless, it would be nice if the maintainers of intltool would send an up-to-date statusreport to the d-d-l mailing list what has changed and how modules must be changed again (or not).



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