Re: Proposed: gnome-network

On Sun, 2004-01-04 at 07:49, Jeff Waugh wrote:
> gnome-network
> -------------
> Lots of cool stuff in here, but is it ready to go? Perhaps Desktop Sharing,
> Remote Desktop Client and Network Information will be, though some UI Review
> action would certainly help them out.
right, also the remote shell client, which is getting now many UI
changes. It should IMO be also included in this bunch.

>  The Personal Web Server
I agree on this. I have never been very fond of the PWS, specially with
the dependency on libcherokee, and, also, that it is a hack to fix the
file sharing problem, which should be implemented in a better way, IMO.

>  and Remote
> Shell Client might need further discussion as to what we want to get out of
> them.
the current work on the shell client is to make it a window, which is
kept open, so that you can start several remote shells from that window.
Also, we are working on having profiles, to quickly starting remote
shells, as the gnome-remote-desktop tool does.

What else do you have in mind?

>  I think this is totally hot stuff, all in all, but some parts might
> need a bit more time before hitting the Desktop release. Any portability
> concerns?
gnome-network should work on Linux, FreeBSD and Solaris.

> Interesting dependencies: cherokee, libvncserver and libzvt (which is only
> used by gnome-ppp, which is not built by default, and there's a continuing
> discussion as to whether this functionality belongs here or in g-s-t).
right, libzvt is not needed, unless we re-enable gnome-ppp (with all its
old bugs). Removing that dependency now.

About libvncserver, I guess we could probably include it in the sources,
if having it as an external dependency is a problem. I would prefer to
avoid that though.

About cherokee, it's not a problem if we disable the PWS.


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