Re: G2.10 Module Proposal: Sound Juicer

About these audio profiles: Even if sound-juicer uses the gstreamer (?)
audio profiles, surely sound-juicer is still the most sensible place for
the user to choose between encoding to ogg or mp3?

I hope that the main purpose of the audio profiles is that there is at
least one working audio profile that applications can use instead of
guessing at sensible defaults. And I hope that we don't expect most people
to change the audio profiles, or add new profiles.

Also, I can imagine that there might be two audio profiles for something
like "normal" and "quiet", with everything but the volume being the same.
But I'd be annoyed if I had to change other stuff (such as switching mp3
to ogg) twice (in each profile). This would leave room for a lot of
strange effects. I'd wonder why sound-juicer generates oggs when my
computer is quiet, but mp3s when its loud.

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