Re: G2.10 Module Proposal: Sound Juicer

On Fri, 2004-12-17 at 10:39 +0100, Gábor Farkas wrote:
> but which one is used when?
> in gconf:/system/gstreamer/audio/profiles:
> cdlossless (uses flac)
> cdlossy (uses vorbis)
> voice (uses idontknowwhat)
> now in sound-juicer:
> you can select the track format to be:
> mp3 or ogg or flac or wave.
> so how does this work?
> i assume he uses the cdlossless profile for flac.
> and maybe cdlossy for ogg.
> but what does he use for mp3?
> so then i reformulate my request:
> what about better gui-integration with the audio-profiles? ;)

SJ 0.5.x is effectively dead, the work in CVS is what I'm proposing for
G2.10.  For people who are not running CVS I suppose I should do an
unstable tarball release at some point.

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