Re: Proposal: gnome-proposed-modules

On Mon, 2004-12-20 at 09:37 +0000, Mark McLoughlin wrote:

> 	I've been wondering for a while could we have an inner
> desktop-devel-list and an outer desktop-discussion-list.
> desktop-devel-list would be a developers list, desktop-discussion-list
> would be open to anyone. desktop-discussion-list would be subscribed to
> desktop-devel-list so that non-developers could discuss stuff that's
> happening on desktop-devel-list.

We shall refer to them as the Inner Sanctum and Outer Sanctum. While in
the inner Sanctum you must wear the full robes and coloured sash of your
module. Visitors to the Outer Sanctum must remove their shoes at the

Davyd Madeley    

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