Proposal: gnome-proposed-modules

d-d-l is a fine balancing act: allowing community at-large to give input
on important matters, while letting core devs get work done; allowing
maintainers to have one list to rule them all, while not not exploding
into a million off-topic threads; etc. So improving things requires a
lot of thought.

Firstly, while I'm open to a read-only core developer list, it would
have to be done carefully (perhaps more carefully than we are with d-d-
l), since that is a path to the Dark Side that XFree86 walked down, and
I therefore recommend against it.

Most importantly, I would like to propose a new list for the flames that
come with module proposals:

Like a bi-annual prostate examination, every 6 months d-d-l is unkindly
invaded by the probing finger of debate over which modules will be
included in the next version. If we were to sequester those debates on a
special list, then it would make d-d-l easier to read at those times. On
the other hand, d-d-l may end up getting CC'd for those debates anyways.

Comments go here.


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