Re: Flames on d-d-l

Hi Brian, 

While I agree with your general proposal, there're some problems I can
see with what you have already outlined. 

Branch notifications are very low-volume and easily distinguished, so
there's no reason to leave them out.  Some things you mentioned are
not very specific/focused either ("new functionality proposals"), so
it would be hard to put them on a separate list as well.

Brian also said:

> And of course, people could be a bit better about using the appropriate
> list for certain topics.  No need to have so much l18n related discussion
> on d-d-l when they already have their own list, etc.

Actually, gnome-i18n list is *NOT* for developer discussion.  Just
like programmers wouldn't care about how to best use a translation
memory or what glossary should be used, translators in general don't
care about how will folder names be translated *technically*.

Yes, the list is badly named (it should probably be gnome-translation-list 
or simply translation-list), but that's how it is.  And i18n issues
are really not those which lower the signal/noise ratio on d-d-l,
since there're very few of i18n related threads except for new module
proposals, and i18n is a major requirement placed on all proposed modules.

Of 15-20 "flamey" (meaning: lot of responses) threads in November and
December, only one was directly related to I18N: translated folder names.


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