Re: Flames on d-d-l

On Fri, 2004-12-17 at 19:05 +0100, Daniel Pörsch wrote:
> Alexander Larsson schrieb:
> > Its a hard problem. We want to encourage everyone, including non-
> > developers to give feedback.
> I'm a non-developer, I'm just reading most of the time and I can really 
> see that the noise is big.

The noise is quite variable although it has been quite high of late. I
tend to manage stuff by using the threaded view in evolution so I only
read stuff thats of interest to me and it does alleviate the problem to
some extent. As we also have vfolder support so its relatively simple to
filter out stuff by subject or sender. I know this is not an ideal
solution but it does help manage things.

>  What about making a dedicated, managed 
> gnome-core-devel-list, which is readable for everyone but writable only 
> for you guys?

That would be counter productive cause all the developers would use that
instead of d-d-l.

Still if the only way to keep d-d-l open is to have someone police it
(like as before) then I would prefer that.


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