Re: Flames on d-d-l

Alexander Larsson schrieb:
Its a hard problem. We want to encourage everyone, including non-
developers to give feedback.

I'm a non-developer, I'm just reading most of the time and I can really see that the noise is big. What about making a dedicated, managed gnome-core-devel-list, which is readable for everyone but writable only for you guys?

I would still like that new movements, ideas and proposals are made here, thus the users can contribute their ideas and so on. But the real decision can then be made on the gnome-core-devel-list.

It is a bit risky, but like it is at the moment, the devs decide anyway and it would be good if they had a good possibilty to discuss.

Rgds and thanks to all Gnome devs,


PS: I'm really looking forward to translated Dir-names ;-)

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