Re: Translations of folder names - two proposals

Il giorno ven, 10-12-2004 alle 00:07 +0100, Alexander Larsson ha
> Advantages with the gettext method:
> * Filenames as displayed in the UI always display in the current
>   locale. Even if the translation is later updated or added, or if you
>   change to another locale.

is this an advantage? as I said before if I have a normal folder named
"Lavoro" and switch to an en_US locale the normal folder keeps on being
called "Lavoro", it does not magically change its name... I would find
confusing having some of my folders change their name automatically and
others not.

Another problems that come to my mind: I am in a .it locale where, for
instance, Shared is displayed as "Condivisi" and I try to create a
normal directory named "Shared". Creation fails... isn't it confusing?

Even worse: at the default installation there is a Shared directory
which I see as "Condivisi": I delete it. Then at some later point in
time I create a normal dir named Shared, is it automatically shared? Is
it automatically translated? why I cretaed a directory named Shared and
it is not created and istead a directory named "Condivisi" shows up?

Another similar one: what happens if the user creates a directory named
in the same way as the translation? Do I end up with two dirs which are
displayed in nautilus with tha same name?

It seems to me that translating the name on the fly introduces a lot of
behavior inconsistencies (cannot be moved, cannot be renamed, they
change name whe changing locale or are accessed by another user etc)
between these special folders and normal folders. I fear that this would
be fairly confusing for a user since these folders are in its ~ and they
show up in nautilus in the exact same way as his normal folders


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