Out of curiosity, why do we have "Keep Aligned" rather than "Auto
Arrange" a la windows?

Keep aligned is certainly better than having to manually lay stuff out,
but it makes arranging icons neatly, and especially reordering them,
quite difficult.  Also, if I have my desktop as the download folder for
firefox, new icons appear partially off the screen to the left of my
main row of icons.

Though really a desktop mode that was just like the spatial "Icon" view
except x <=> y would be really nifty also, though that wouldn't allow
reordering the icons.

I'm curious if this was a usability decision or just a
"bird-in-the-hand"/"code-in-the-tree" type decision.

Another approach might be to get rid of the grid column that's partially
off the screen.  Dunno; feel free to brutally shoot me down.


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