Re: Preferences in Yelp?!


> Luca Ferretti wrote:
>>Il giorno ven, 03-12-2004 alle 17:31 -0600, Shaun McCance ha scritto:

>> BTW 'cause we are now using Mozilla/Gecko as demi-default HTML
>> rendering engine in GNOME Desktop[1], could we provide an unified
>> gnome-mozilla wrapper module? 

> I think the Galeon/Epiphany developers has discussed this in the past.
> I for one would love such an addition to the platform. Basically a
> wrapped that makes it easier to use the GtkMozEmbedd API, both from
> setting up the auto* (which is currently _REALLY_ messy) and to
> provide more functionality which you currently have to hack C++ to get
> in, setting font sizes, native scrollbars (should just happen, doesn't
> have to be in the API), find functionality...

> Ephy/Galeon developers, did I dream about you guys having plan to
> extract this API from your modules?

I'd like to have one gecko embedding widget for gnome with added
capabilities over GtkMozEmbed, too. However, I don't like adding another
layer, GtkMozEmbed -> GnomeGeckoEmbed -> EphyEmbed, in Epiphany. IMHO it
makes more sense to either
- add to GtkMozEmbed, or
- just take GtkMozEmbed to gnome cvs, and morph it into what we expect
from a gecko embedding widget.

Doing the work upstream in mozilla has drawbacks, IMHO:
- mozilla review/superreview/checkin process is time-consuming and slow,
- mozilla and gnome release cycles aren't synchronised
- mozilla still supports gtk 1, while I couldn't care less about that...
so we'd still have to make sure all patches work on gtk 1, or add many
#define'd code
- do we have the same goals as mozilla wrt. GtkMozEmbed?

Moving this work to gnome cvs would effectively mean forking
GtkMozEmbed, a move which probably might be seen by mozilla as hostile,
and impede our progress in other areas, since we're going to depend on
mozilla core changes (for example, to support gnome-keyring).

How do you propose to resolve those problems?

FWIW, I do have a modified gtkmozembed in my cvs, autotooled, ported to
glib2/gtk2-only API and ported to embed strings (however, I seem to have
introduced one crash-on-exit bug in the process...).


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