Re: Preferences in Yelp?!

Hi Christian,

thanks to bring this up again, it's useful. Sorry for the delay...

> Doing the work upstream in mozilla has drawbacks, IMHO:
> - mozilla review/superreview/checkin process is time-consuming and slow,

For review/checkin stages I think we can be quite fast now, I can do
both and I'm trying to do them timely. If I'm doing a bad work feel free
to spam my mail box :)

> - mozilla and gnome release cycles aren't synchronised

gtk/gnome cycles are not well syncronized either. I think you can
arrange it as long as the API is stable (and gtkmozembed API is).

> - mozilla still supports gtk 1, while I couldn't care less about that...
> so we'd still have to make sure all patches work on gtk 1, or add many
> #define'd code

That's a bit of an issue. But maybe we could just leave new apis
unimplemented for gtk1 and generally consider gtk1 support deprecated...
something along these lines.

> - do we have the same goals as mozilla wrt. GtkMozEmbed?

Where would you expect goals to differ?

To me the advantages of doing this work on mozilla cvs are:

- API stability (for the C part, which is what all GNOME embedders
except epiphany and galeon I'd expect to use)
- One package for just wrapper code would be a bit of a waste ;)
- With a few additions we can cover the needs of most of the embedders.
Galeon and Epiphany would need extensions that arent really necessary to
yelp and others.
- They maintain it :)


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