Re: Industrial in 2.10?

<quote who="Link Dupont">

> There are major changes to gtk-engines under way. Might want to talk to
> Thomas & Andrew about this. Plans are to move most of the commonly used
> GTK+ engines into gtk-engines. I'd suggest moving industrial into
> gtk-engines, and have the gtkrc in gnome-themes. Does this make sense?
> Separate the engine from the theme? Since the module gtk-engines exists we
> might as well put GTK+ engines in it, and put GNOME themes into the
> gnome-themes module.

gtk-engines is regarded as deprecated and unmaintained by the GTK+ team, as
noted on the Desktop suite page. It would probably be better if gnome-themes
continued on as-is. (I don't see much benefit splitting up rc files from

- Jeff

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