Re: Proposal: gnome-user-share

> > > Anyway the solution to this is have a way to easily retrieve which is
> > > the shared directory, for instance by having it in gconf.
> > 
> > * Nobody but gnome will use gconf
> > * Its quite hard to use gconf from a shell and some other languages
> > * lots of apps will just assume its ~/Desktop or whatever, and you'll
> > get duplicated desktop (and others) dirs.
> > * Translated names won't be updated as translations are added/completed
> I said gconf because it's the first thing that came to my mind, it may
> well be a plain text file stored in a know location or whatever.
> What I mean is that a script/application will not have ~/Public
> hardcoded but will lookup the public folder name in a file, possibly
> behind a nice get_public_folder api.

Lets take a lesson here. 
Microsoft tried this with c:\"Program Files"  Which, on-disk is
different depending on which translation of windows you are using. 

They publicly announce with good documentation and a lot of API that you
are supposed to use the variable %programdir% (or some such)  And are
-not- supposed to use "C:\Program Files" as your hardcoded path.

Did this work?  no.  Application designers didn't care, hardcoded
strings and generally breaks things whenever they get the slightest
chance, causing a wild mix of "C:\Program" "C:\Programfiler" "C:\Program
Files" and other, more interesting, versions of the same.

I think this is a great case to learn from past mistakes as performed by


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