how would g-u-s and gst's shares-admin work together? [Was: Proposal: gnome-user-share]

Hi all,

in the HEAD branch of gnome-system-tools there's a new tool called
shares-admin, it aims to be able to share folders through the most
popular sharing methods (at the moment it does so with samba and NFS)

It's cons may be that root password is needed (which should be fixable
with a decent auth thingie), but it's pros are that it will work with
mixed OS environments [1], meanwhile g-u-s will only work in gnome/macOS

Since both apps are aimed at the same functionality and at the same set
of users, I think that they should be somehow mixed (at least for not
giving the impression that gnome is providing two apps for the same

so, any opinion about how/whether should this happen? :)


[1] and it's a damn real scenario, gnome only networks are pretty
strange nowadays almost anywhere :)

On Tue, 2004-11-30 at 16:41 +0100, Alexander Larsson wrote:
> I'd like to propose the gnome-user-share module for inclusion into the
> gnome desktop.
> gnome-user-share is a way to easily transport files between users
> on a network. It works by starting a webdav server on a (random) high
> port which is then published using mDNS. The webdav server just
> exports the ~/Public folder. This means it will show up in the network
> location in Nautilus, or in any mDNS browser that looks 
> for webdav servers.
> This system is not meant to be a way to set up a general file
> server. It will only work while the user is logged in, and I have no
> interest in adding support for sharing other directories. On the
> other hand, its extremely easy to use, requires zero configuration,
> its easy to remember what is shared and hard to forget that something
> is shared.
> The server is started when you enable file sharing in the file sharing
> properties dialog, or when you log in and file sharing is enabled.
> The dav server used is Apache, which has a number of advantages:
> * Its well tested and well supported on all platforms that gnome ship
>   on, and all webdav clients will be tested against it.
> * Its thoroughly reviewed and generally believed to be pretty secure.
>   Plus distributions already ship security updates of it when needed.
> * With the configuration used in gnome-user-share it is very small, and
>   it has very few dependencies in the server process. On my system
>   the httpd process has an RSS of about 2.2 megabyte, which is far less
>   than any gnome app.
> Of course, there is a disadvantage too. We add another dependency to
> the gnome desktop. The apache install on my system takes about 2.6
> megabyte, which I think is ok on modern desktop system (it can
> be packaged smaller too). But I'm sure some people will think this is
> bloat that has no place in a desktop. 
> This really has to be in the desktop module, because it needs some
> integration with gnome-session to autostart the filesharing daemon
> when you log in. Perhaps we could call it an optional part of the
> desktop?
> The code is availible in the cvs module gnome-user-share, and the most
> recent tarball is availible at:
> I've attached the related gnome-session patch to this mail.
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