Re: Proposal: gnome-user-share

On Wed, 2004-12-01 at 14:44 +1000, Kai Willadsen wrote:
> > $HOME should not be used for "implementation detail" files, with the
> > exception of dotfiles. Only user-should-care files. But ~/Public should
> > contain user-should-care files, so it makes sense in a $HOME non-
> > dotfile.
> How is the fact that files can only be shared from the ~/Public
> directory *not* an implementation detail? That's like saying that the
> fact that xchat (used to, iirc) download to ~/dcc is fine, because the
> user cares about the contents of ~/dcc.

It's an implementation detail but a reasonable-to-be-user-visible one.
i.e. not *just* an implementation detail.

Homedir *is* where I'd put ~/dcc if I had a download dir named dcc, but
of course I would not name it dcc and probably would try to copy the
epiphany approach for this.


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