Re: Proposal: gnome-user-share

<quote who="Shaun McCance">

> We do not have a complete PC/workstation/whatever solution.  Gnome will
> probably never provide that solution.  No distro I know of provides that
> solution yet.  The harder you make life for sysadmins, the less likely you
> are to get large-scale workstation deployments.

This makes life easier for sysadmins, because there is a single, consistent
on-disk location.

> But hey, screw the terminal.  Here's the more relevant point:  The number
> of apps written for Gnome is staggeringly low.  Something like this just
> totally screws third-party apps.  Speaking as somebody who gets his
> paycheck from a largeish ISV (but not speaking on behalf of said ISV, blah
> blah blah), I'm pretty sure that SomeRandomApp isn't going to jump through
> hoops to show these weird magical names.

It would be much harder for non-GNOME apps to deal with inconsistent on-disk
locations (user A might have his files in ~/Desktop, user B might have her
files in ~/[UTF-8-GUNK]).

- Jeff

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