Re: Proposal: gnome-user-share

On Wed, 2004-12-01 at 12:17 +1100, Jeff Waugh wrote:
> <quote who="Shaun McCance">
> > But hey, screw the terminal.  Here's the more relevant point:  The number
> > of apps written for Gnome is staggeringly low.  Something like this just
> > totally screws third-party apps.  Speaking as somebody who gets his
> > paycheck from a largeish ISV (but not speaking on behalf of said ISV, blah
> > blah blah), I'm pretty sure that SomeRandomApp isn't going to jump through
> > hoops to show these weird magical names.
> It would be much harder for non-GNOME apps to deal with inconsistent on-disk
> locations (user A might have his files in ~/Desktop, user B might have her
> files in ~/[UTF-8-GUNK]).

Uh-huh.  User B is in the Pig Latin locale.  User B opens Nautilus and
sees folders like Esktopday and Ublicpay.  User B opens RandomQtApp,
which she uses regularly as part of her job.  RandomQtApp shows User B
folders named Desktop and Public.  Multiple choice:

A) User B is impressed that certain applications are able to translate
her folder names dynamically, and wishes the other applications would do
the same.  She goes so far as to file a bug against RandomQtApp.

B) User B doesn't even understand that they're the same folders, and
thinks that "Linux" is broken.

C) User B goes back to her shiny Mac.


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