Re: 2.8 bug report

On Tue, 2004-08-31 at 14:28, Mark McLoughlin wrote:
> .	That's because Padraig assigned the bug to himself, not cc-ing
> gnome-panel-maint and it dropped out of my sight.

Sorry, we didn't know you weren't on gnome-panel-qa-maint (which was
CC'd, I'm pretty sure).

>...[re the gdm patch]
> 	So - its your call, I think. If you think its important enough to risk
> introducing regressions in accessible login, then I'll be happy to
> review it more carefully and approve.

I am not too worried about regressions (as the patch is being regularly
tested by Sun now), but all the same I think haste isn't called for.  My
plan is to continue working on the gdm patch and request a review (from
you and/or George) when I feel it is 'complete'.  If that means it slips
until 2.8.1, I think it's still better than pushing an incomplete
solution into 2.8.0.  Thanks for agreeing to take the time to review, if
George is still away.

- Bill

> Cheers,
> Mark.

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