Re: [Usability] Re: Nautilus Sendto -- opportunities for generalisation

Dnia 31-08-2004, wto o godzinie 09:20 +0100, Edd Dumbill napisał:
> > Assuming I'm not on crack, I seem to remember Chris Hammond doing that
> > and more in his galago-widgets. I very much support Galago's idea of
> > unified contact / presence framework, so let's not create another ad-hoc
> > glue widget, and instead move to proper solution Galago is :)
> That sounds great.  I'm all for using that.  Will Galago be following
> the desktop release cycle any time soon?

IIRC, ChipX86 was preparing initial release "sometime soon" (that was
back in July), but I don't know the details.


"Tautologizm to coś tautologicznego"
   Maciej Katafiasz <mnews2 wp pl>

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