Re: On the spatial nautilus and the file selector

On Tue, 2004-08-24 at 21:55 +0200, Raphael Bosshard wrote:
> Spatial nautilus is cool. I have several clients, mostly people without 
> much computer experience and spatial nautilus helps them to use their 
> computers. At least when only browsing and managing files.
> But whenever they want to open/save a file, they have to fall back to 
> the navigational metapher, for the file selector is not spatial. Well, 
> almost nothing is spatial right now.
> Are there any ideas to solve this problem? Is it a problem at all?

Habits are one solution to the problem.  

I rarely see the file open/save dialog because I open everything from my
desktop.  I create new files (from the context sub-menu using Templates)
in the folder where I want them to reside.  I double-click the file in
most cases, but if I want to add a file to an existing window, I just
drag it to the editor/viewer.

In the save dialog, I save only to the desktop or a bookmarked location.
I only use the save dialog to fork a document.

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