Re: Where can I find "netapplet"?

gabor wrote:
Why doesn't the network connection rewrite resolv.conf for you?  When I
plug in DHCP sends me the DNS servers information, and resolv.conf is

at work i don't have a dhcp server... :)

This makes it extremely difficult to do a simple net switching applet.

Until someone comes up with a standard way of having two resolv.conf's (further: a UI for managing that) I think that this applet should just focus on DHCP. Stepping beyond that functionality really complicates things for a front end. This is why DHCP was invented in the first place.

I really like this applet, and I'd love see it come to fruition in a complete state that works on SuSe, as it currently more-or-less is. Then there can some distro design, maybe by doing callouts to a standard-named set of scripts that distributions can be expected to have to make this applet work. Then, when all that is done, other elements of functionality could be added.

Would this not be the most logical course of action?


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