Re: API break request

On Wed, 2004-08-25 at 13:36, Erik Grinaker wrote:

> I'm not sure this is what Shaun meant, but say I'm working in Nautilus,
> and I try to open a remote filesystem on hosts aleph and wintermute;
> aleph uses sftp and requires a password, so the auth dialog is
> displayed. Meanwhile, wintermute is down (or whatever), and so it just
> hangs. In this case, since the patch apparantly only opens the cancel
> dialog when no auth dialogs are displayed, I wouldn't get a cancel
> dialog for wintermute since an auth dialog for aleph is open. Would this
> be correct?
> What happens when I successfully authenticate against aleph? Would the
> cancel dialog for wintermute be opened after a small while, or would it
> never show up?
> If the cancel dialog eventually shows up (after authenticating against
> aleph) it shouldn't be a problem, but if it never shows up it might be
> an issue worth some thought. Isn't there any way of finding out which
> gnome-vfs connection an authentication dialog belongs to, or wouldn't
> that make any difference?

The cancel dialog for the other location will show up after you close
the password dialog. Of course, its pretty rare that you open two
locations at the same time, one with a password dialog and one that
hangs. It might even be right in this situation to delay the cancel
dialog, since getting two dialogs at the same time for different things
is sort of confusing. :)

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