Re: API break request

On Tue, 2004-08-24 at 09:51, Alexander Larsson wrote:
> If you get a password dialog from libgnomeui nautilus thinks this means
> the open took a long time, so it opens a cancel dialog. There really is
> no perfect way to fix this, so i've gone for the hack fix. It requires
> an api addition to libgnomeui though, so I need to ask for permission to
> add it.

So gnome_authentication_manager_dialog_is_visible just returns whether
or not any single password dialog is visible, then?  So let's say I open
both bender and tungsten.  And I get a password dialog for bender, but
tungsten really just is taking forever.  Would I not get a cancel dialog
for tungsten because there's a password dialog visible for bender?

I'm just curious if I understand it right. That cancel dialog annoys me
all the time, so I favor the patch, hackish or not.


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