Re: Nautilus Sendto -- opportunities for generalisation

On Mon, 2004-08-23 at 23:39 +0200, Roberto Majadas wrote:
> Remember that it's the 0.1 version, not 1.0 ;) . I want to clean the
> UI and add support for other apps. Now , it have support for gaim
> (msn, jabber, aim ... ) and evolution . 

Well, yes.  That's why I made the point now, at an early stage!

Also I hoped others might be listening (Ross, for instance ;).  The
contact lookup thing seems like a common widget to want, in the same way
that the file and font dialogs are.

> > (2) I made a "Send to Bluetooth device..." extension for Nautilus.  If
> > there's a "Send to..." menu item, it would make sense to fold it under
> > that.  Furthermore, someone might write one for sending faxes.  Is there
> > any way your extension could itself be extensible to, say, build its
> > menu from an XML file and allow a variety of programs to be run in
> > response?
> I think that "Send to Bluetooh device" it's not correct . I think it's
> more correct "Copy/Move to..." and then a dialog to select which
> device or place (Bluetooth, ipod, my_web_site ... ). 

No, for reasons I explained in the mail to Reinout.  Bluetooth OBEX PUSH
follows a "send to" semantics.  On cell phones you find beamed files in
a "beamed items" inbox folder or similar.  OBEX FTP is what you're
thinking of, which I have not yet implemented.

-- Edd

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