GConf's "save subtree as a merged file" feature disabled again

	People may remember this:


	The main reason we switched on this feature was that we felt it would
help lessen the pain of multiple-login-same-homedir setups using GConf.
However, it turns out that this situation wasn't so bad in GNOME 2.6 -
or, at least, we can't find the problems we thought we were fixing...

	Anyway, Havoc and I talked it over and we'd prefer not to enable this
in GNOME 2.8 until we know for sure it actually fixes something since it
does cause backward compatibility pain. We might revisit the idea,
though - the longer we leave it, the lesser the compatibility pain.

	I've backed out the patch[1] and I'm going to do a release now. Its
actually quite a minor patch to revert because most of the original work
involved fixing issues in the backend that the patch uncovered.


[1] - I'll add it to bug #138498 for future reference.

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