Re: default theme consensus

please allow me to suggest some changes to Glider. I believe that it currently looks almost as flat as Industrial does, it's just that it's colors are easier to the eyes than Industrial. Please find on the mockup: the following three changes I would like to suggest:

1. A lighter color for the "toggle button" and "background tabs". Currently, the light color come in extreme contrast of the toggle color, so I would suggest a lighter (but still distinct) color for those.

2. All active elements (anything that can be clicked that is) should have a different color than the background "window view/body". I don't know why theme creators don't do that... Doing so, it makes any theme much more accessible, even for those who don't need special accessibility (because the brain is faster to distinguish between elements that have different colors than it is for shapes, otherwise extra brain-power is needed to distinguish what is where). The color difference is subtle (otherwise it would look like a clown ;-), but still important to exist.

3. I changed a bit the progress bar to not be as flat. That's just a gimmick though, not as important as the above two.



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