Re: Window Resizer Grip Inventory

Havoc Pennington wrote:
Does it just follow whether the app has a statusbar?

Not quite - There are fair number of apps that have a status bar, but no resize grip. Character Map and Dictionary, for example.

Adding a statusbar just to get the grip seems pretty darn lame, if the
statusbar is otherwise useless.


If there's no statusbar, typically there's nowhere to put the grip.

Yeah - though OS X puts in a grip in the inside bottom right corner of the window, even if there is no status bar and even if there are no scroll bars. It actually just sits inside the window and overlaps the contents. Works surprisingly well.

When there is a status bar, it goes there, and when there are scroll bars - it goes as the end of them.

I see two issues here, that I'd like to keep from getting confused:

1) Some apps already have a statusbar, but have no grip. This should probably be fixed.

2) Should we look at the bigger picture and consider having the grip belong to the window instead of the Statusbar?

Steven Garrity

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