Re: Why do maintainers "sync" po files in cvs?


danilo gnome org (Danilo Šegan) writes:

> FWIW, it's not only conflicts that I hate.  I have a dial-up line,
> and imagine what's it like to have to "cvs up" eg. gnome-applets,
> gimp, gnumeric or evolution module (with 50+ translations which are
> 4000+ strings large) that have not had any large changes apart from
> them being "make dist-ed".

I see your point but there are also good reasons for checking the
changes into CVS. These have been discussed before and shouldn't be
ignored. It's not only about convenience, it's about what makes more

> On the conflicts side, I'll add to discussion that this is not the
> same as more people working on the same code in CVS: PO file gets
> mangled completely (source references change, strings change, order
> of the messages change), and number of conflicts is such that it is
> impossible to recover them in a sane way (unlike with source code,
> where you can search for conflict markers).  

It's not like a conflict in source code because it is a lot easier to
resolve a conflict in a po file caused by 'make dist'. Just throw away
the version from CVS and replace it with your uptodate po file. cvs
keeps a copy of your original file in case of conflicts. So all you
need to do in order to resolve the conflict is typing
'mv <lang>.po.orig <lang>.po'.


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