Re: Why do maintainers "sync" po files in cvs?

fre 2004-08-13 klockan 10.44 skrev Tommi Vainikainen:
> I've noticed that some maintainers (not speaking about translators
> now) run intltool-update for every po file and then commit those files
> with only those autogenerated changes. I think this is bad behaviour
> with version control.
> Sometimes I do partially update translation, but because only
> partially, I don't instantly commit those changes. If someone
> "updates" po file during that, I get very annoying CVS conflicts.
> So how to get this message (ie. not to do such things) to all those
> maintainers and is there somewhere documented procedures for
> maintainers regarding this issue?

It has been brought up before (see, but possibly it's worth reminding developers again to avoid committing po files touched by make dist to CVS.


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