Re: new modules consensus


On Fri, 2004-08-13 at 03:13, Ryan McDougall wrote:

> >  - vino
> > 
> I would be happiest with a heavy-handed decision by you on all of these
> modules except vino (for obvious reasons). Can you appoint someone
> relatively unbiased to decide the fate of vino. 

	I've no plans on making any "decision", heavy-handed or not. Hopefully,
the discussion will continue until there is enough consensus that the
decision is obvious.

	But, yeah - if there's no obvious consensus on Vino, I won't be making
the call.

> Personally g-s-t,
> nettool, and vino fall under the same category. If one gets in, then any
> decent sys-admin-style tool should be able to.

	Disagree. Just because we include one tool which is useful to sysadmins
does it is necessarily right to include all tools which may be useful to


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