Re: default theme consensus

Things seem rather evenly divided.

If I may make a comment without sounding too much like a self-prophet...
"Glider" (I'm okay with that name too. "Oh what's in a name"...
SmoothGNOME will always be SmoothGNOME to me) uses colors only from the
HIG. The result is that it blends in very well with the default GNOME
icons (I'm also fine with exluding my icon theme changes). Indubstrial
is very white, and on many poorer screens (particularly those crappy
LCDs from the early 2000s), appears extremely washed out. Almost to the
point where to can't see where widgets end. Glider has more defined
edges and colors, making generally a more usable theme. Indubstrial is
"pretty" yes. And the Industrial engine is a nice looking engine. And we
all wish the Smooth engine could do rounded corners on widgets. But I
feel the end result is that Glider is a more functional theme. It
appears correctly on the crappy LCDs (I know, I have one). And it uses
the tested and GNOME-HIGgers-approved HIG palette. Again, a visual
usability thing. Since GNOME is so big on usability, if the default
theme was unusable on a portion of the screens it is run on, that might
hurt people's opinion of it. The user can always change the theme later,
but providing him or her with a generally usable theme in the beginning
is best.

So my vote, based on my little usability analysis, is Glider.
My vote, based on my personal preference, is also Glider (duh).

Anyone else have a more objective analysis of the themes? (To me most of
the comments already said are more along the lines of "I like [this or
that] theme better"). I'm not trying to start a flame war, just trying
to push the 'quick discussion' forwards. Quickly.

Cheers, Link

On Thu, 2004-08-12 at 15:13 -0500, Shaun McCance wrote:
> Many, many, many thanks to Mark for getting the ball rolling on the well
> overdue new modules decision.
> The documentation team really needs a decision on the default theme for
> 2.8.  We're already past the UI freeze, which exists in part to allow us
> to finalize screenshots.
> The candidates seem to be "Glider" and "Indubstrial".  I don't know if
> Glider became the actual name, and Indubstrial certainly needs a better
> name.  Glider (SmoothGNOME) seemed to be getting a lot of traction.
> Let's have a *quick* discussion, then get somebody with an iron fist to
> deliver the verdict from on-high.  And I mean quick.  I'm going to start
> screenshooting Real Soon Now.  Once I do, I will vehemently attempt to
> block any change to the default theme.  Like pounding the ground with my
> powerful arms, frothing at the mouth, screaming at the top of my lungs. 
> It won't be pretty.  Please don't make me do it.
> --
> Shaun
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