Re: [Usability] UI-Review of ggv on Friday, July 16th at 19:00 UTC

<quote who="Shmyrev">

> I want to see dvi viewer integrated in such application. We have a nice
> gdvi rendering widget, that is not fully usable, but already can display
> dvi documents.

Yes, sounds awesome!

> We had discussed this problem about a month ago with Martin Kretzschmar
> and the result was a decision, that it should be common shell for bonobo
> components like gpdf or ggv shell. The viewers can implement corresponding
> bonobo components and thus provide a way to render documents like pdf, ps
> or even djvu. Also there is possibility to improve code reuse by creating
> common library to implement such components with utility things.

Rock'n'roll. :-)

> I've started some work on it and already has a shell, based on gpdf shell
> that can display pdf and ps with controls from gpdf and ggv. Also I've
> started to modify gpdf tree to separate library and include extra
> components like ggv. The current source tree can be downloaded from
> It doesn't build cleanly now, but
> you can look at work direction there.

That is seriously great news - hopefully we can pull all of this together
for GNOME 2.10. :-)

- Jeff

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