Re: Please resync libegg in all modules


Joe Marcus Clarke <marcus FreeBSD org> writes:

> I just had a libegg fix committed that correctly restores umask
> after creating the ~/.recently-used file.  Without this, umask was
> being set to 077 for all applications launched from the panel (e.g.
> gnome-terminal) as well as all applications that made use of
> recently-used files.
> It would be great if developers could resync the recently-used libegg
> code so that this fix can be incorporated into GNOME 2.8 (if it's not
> too late).  Thanks.

Let me take this opportunity to ask about the state of the
recently-used spec. I was going to implement support for
~/.recently-used in GIMP lately but I was told that the spec is
considered broken and is about to be replaced soon anyway. Now your
mail makes me think that it will continued to be used for quite a
while. Is that right?


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