Re: Copyright assignment

<quote who="Danilo Šegan">

> Thanks, that pretty much clears it up.  I, for one, would never want to
> assign copyright on anything I may (potentially) do on Mono or Evolution
> code to Novell if this is the case: when I write something as free
> software, I want it to *remain* free.

Note that your changes, as released by Novell under the GPL, will *remain*
free. Novell may do non-free things with them, but your contributions to
Evolution - as released under the GPL - are still out there, under the GPL.

> My patches to Evolution have so far been very small, so I am mostly
> talking "theory" :)

That's generally the case for most non-Ximian/Novell contributors, so in
practice, it's not just theory. Ahem. :-)

- Jeff

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