Re: Some ideas


I just don't get your mail point ?
It seems to me that you are totally desynchronised with the rest of the
You seem to have a very schoolish view of the Gnome project.
Could you just give us your feeling about Gnome size in terms of numbers
of code lines and man per year effort ?
A language switch will hold the project for a long time, left a lot of
applications down the hill and I do bet it'll result a fork (I would
even consider the language change as the fork).

You complain about missing docs. Well, Gnome has been made by technical
peoples. If you don't have a minimum background you'll face hard times.
The API is pretty well documented. Articles, tutorials and books are
available here and there to help you. Even the source code is available
and I kno few cases where it's not understandable.
The learning curve may seem slow at the begining but you'll see it goes
faster after a little while.

I'm afraid that most you propose are theorical concepts that will not
face the reality.
Gnome is not perfect. I don't know if a prefect project has ever
existed. Gnome works pretty well as it is now. It tooks time and lots of
efforts to reach that point. It can still be improved, but you can't say
"Eh, what you do is wrong, I got the magic solution: redo everything
(process and code)".

If you want to improve applications, you can patch them.
You can also write the documentation you're missing.
Those are positive things to help Gnome improve.


"Complexity has nothing to do with intelligence.
 Simplicity does."
             (Larry Bossidy, CEO, Allied Signal)

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