Re: Yelp Help

Building from source does not pregenerate the help files.  So it's not
really a distribution issue; it's a source code issue that could
theoretically be fixed by distributions.  Just like any other bug.

On Wed, 2003-09-24 at 15:02, Sander Vesik wrote:
> Rob Adams wrote:
> > OK so the question now I guess is why do we even ship with the xml files
> > at all?  Why not simply pregenerate the files and just use the HTML?  It
> > seems pretty silly to have to know about and run a command to
> > pregenerate the files, since I think we can be fairly sure that few
> > users ever will.  Instead, they will do what I did and simply be
> > frustrated by how slow help is out of the box.
> > 
> Whetever the pregenrated help is shiped or notis really up to whoever did 
> the packaging. Yelp will fall back to transforming the xml if it is newer 
> (that is you installed a newer version of the package). you can always just 
> nuke the html and re-run yelp-pregenerate (or just run it if it wasn't 
> there) if what came with the package was broken or buggy (there will never 
> betime when all people re-distributing will have up to date help system 
> setup).
> You need to both:
> 	* be able to load help in the fastest possible way
> 	* make sure users have a way of always getting up to date help

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