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Am 23.09.2003 19:20:44 schrieb(en) Hongli Lai:
Guido Schimmels wrote:

Always worked for MacOS and RiscOS. I wonder why. Maybe because those systems where designed so simple that every user could easily understand what each folder is for? Windows users are full of fear to do something wrong, because Windows is a mysterium to them. Fear has never been a good advisor.

I doubt that my Chinese-speaking mother will understand what "Settings" mean. Heck, my dad even had trouble understanding the Chinese translation of "Applications".

What is this yellow thing in windows explorer. A folder? What kind of folder? Never seen such a thing in my whole life. Ah, you say the Americans use these funny things to store files? Our German Leitz Ordners look nothing like that.

Hey. But I can even offer you a simple solution.
I've patched applications so they will store their prefs into ~/. config/. Then e.g. ln -s ~/Choices ~/.config. The distributor/ administrator can choose an arbritrary name for "Choices" or leave the symlinking alltogether, so the prefs are hidden. How is that for a compromise?

"This folder contains your application preferences!"

"What are application preferences? What is an application?"

What is a stearing wheel? What is a gas pedal for?
Oh, I'm so sorry for killing your child!

Don't get ridiculous. Computers are tools. Without some basic knowledge you can't use them. On OSes where the user doesn't need to become an expert in dialers and viruses, to save him from a 10000$ phone bill, she might actually have the time to learn usefull things about their equipment.

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